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Doctor AR Azmandian development Institute of creativeness

Doctor AR Azmandian development Institute of creativeness

A. Azmandian (Alireza Azmandian) Creator Institute development اس ام اس دلتنگی assume ( assume technology )
AR Azmandian doctor in an exceedingly non secular family in capital of Iran in 1332 , was born and educated in monotheism colleges , together with primary and secondary colleges in capital of Iran and therefore the Alevi branch of arithmetic as a sample of highschool students graduated اس ام اس دلتنگیAlavi capital of Iran

AR Azmandian undergrad school education at the University of Technology in applied science and coincides with the start of the monotheism Revolution in TV and radio political and worked as a journalist .

campaign , Dlavryhay monotheism warriors within the battle of right against wrong, illustrated .

specialized disciplines tutored at the اس ام اس دلتنگی university there .

AR Azmandian doctor throughout twelve years of analysis and teaching , nevertheless with scientific studies regarding the facility of thought by scientists to exchange data and payment discipline whereas collaborating in educational conferences regarding technology , years in developing large- century development , the analysis and teaching and at last to transfer the outstanding achievements of technology ar thought to their fellow Iranians , came back to Persia in 1376 .

Doctor AR Azmandian when traveling to over fifty countries together with Asia , Africa, America , North American country and study the fundamentals in mind, the huge power of the human subconscious programming systems , nowadays 's Persia is dedicated to the scientific achievementsIranian wonderful and productive for our train .
AR works Azmandian
Principles of thirty persons, confidence, scientific and cultural establishments اس ام اس دلتنگی development thought, Tehran , 1384
Think technical school cards contain fifty cards with positive statements, positive stress for designing unconscious

Video and Audio
Series of lectures within the variety of CD and optical disk titles doctor AR Azmandian :
One thinks of technology , self-actualization and management courses (audio and video DVD)
Think technology two, remote

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اس ام اس دلتنگی

اس ام اس دلتنگی

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